Windows for Dummies Cheesy ReplayTV Install

This assumes a working "normal" MediaMVP setup.
  • Download the "dongle.bin.xxxxx" file from hereabouts and rename it to "dongle.bin".
  • Use Windows Explorer to go to C:\Program Files\Hauppauge MediaMVP\Hardware .
  • Rename the file "dongle.bin" located there to "dongle.bin.normal"
  • Copy the newly downloaded "dongle.bin" file to this directory.
  • Unplug the power to the MediaMVP and then re-power it.
  • To get the "ReplayTV" option to appear you have to point your webbrowser to the MVPMC web setup page. Find the MediaMVP's IP address on your DHCP server, usually within your router's setup webpages.
  • Enter an RFC-868 compliant timeserver in the "Time Server:" box (like = Contrary to the documentation you CAN NOT use most NTP servers (especially as they don't usually respond to obsolete RFC-868 TIME requests.
  • Check the box to the right of "ReplayTV".
  • Click into the "Screen Capture:" box.
  • Click the "Update Config" button.
  • Click "Return to configuration".
  • Click the "Restart" button which is bizarrely located in the "Internet Radio & Playlist Setup" section. You DO NOT want to do a reboot as you will reset everything! You can also do a restart from the remote by powering off and back on with the top green button.
  • After it finishes restarting, use the "back" and "refresh" buttons of your webbrowser and click the "Set Time" button.
  • Click "Return to configuration".
  • Refresh your webbrowser again and make sure the system time under "Status" is correct except for hours. You do not need to set the timezone as it doesn't seem to matter if the hours are off.
  • Select the "ReplayTV" option on the main menu on the TV and away you go!
  • If the MediaMVP looses power or otherwise reboots you have to start again from the sixth step. :-(

Step By Step OS Specific Install

Hopefully defining the 'easy way' to install mvpmc. In the vein of, and Please note this is my 2 cents to try and get mvpmc mainstream (in terms of ease of install / config in my view the 2 complicated areas)

Ubuntu 7.04

Get the software

Please go to . You can get to the daily builds at The other option to get the latest features is to compile your own from the git repository see compile. In development there are currently two builds ( one for each kernel )

Fix start up problems

The mvpmc requires a boot server to work. Note the config file reference is not applicable if a hauppauge or compatible server is being used although a dhcp server is still required

  • turn on the box (The mcpmc will only load the boot file from a cold start)
  • the Hauppauge message appears with five grey ? boxes at the base .
  • first blue bar (indicates Ethernet cable is connected)
  • second blue bar (indicates boot server found)
  • third blue bar (indicates a readable mvpmc boot file has been found)
  • the forth and fifth bars should then appear
  • the screen goes blank (the config file has been found and is running)
  • The startup screen is displayed (as long as you put mvpmc command in the config)

Note these are very generic stages it is best to refer to the specific guides on the boot servers page for more info

Configure Boot Servers

See boot servers. There are a number of guides specific to environment on this page too

Configure Media Servers

See Media Servers

Configure Remote Drives

See remote drives

Special Server Hardware

See kurobox